Thursday, July 14, 2016

Prices of photobooks

So… my book of family photos is finished and ordered. Now anxiously waiting for the delivery. It has over 500 photos, 138 pages, dimensions 21 x 28 cm, hardcover. Took me about a week to put it together. Couple of hours every evening. More than half of the photos are from my mobile phone. Total cost 82,- EUR including shipping. I used service called CEWE Photobooks. First time I tried them. I previously ordered a photobook from Blurb. I first thought Blurb was too expensive. Just found out,if I ordered with Blurb, a similar dimensions (20 x 25 cm) and same amount of pages (138),  hardcover, I would pay  67,- EUR including shipping.

Hmm….in 2014…. I made a book with Blurb. It was hardcover, 68 pages , 25 x 20 cm and I paid 54 EUR including shipping. So it had only half amount of pages compared to current book, but price was only a little lower (by 12,- EUR).

Conclusion regarding prices: Blurb is favorable if I am ordering book with a lot of pages. I should have checked before. Oh, well. Next time.

street photography
Baska, May 2016

street photography
Stare Mesto, May 2016
Ostrava, May 2016