Machine guns on Christmas markets

Strange feeling to see police crews with machine guns on every town square with Christmas markets these days. A reaction to terrorist attack in Berlin. Concrete blocks were placed to every entrance of the town square or public area to prevent vehicles to enter the space. So far I have seen it in Ostrava and Frydek-Mistek, but I suppose it is happening in every bigger town. It is supposed to calm people down when they see armed police on the street. In my case it has rather opposite effect. Disturbing and strange feeling to see machine guns on the street. Especially during Christmas time. I bet it must be similar in other European countries. Times are changing. It is a new element of insecurity and fear in people's minds.

I wish happy and calm holidays to all.

Photos below were captured in September and doesn't correspond with the text.

black and white photography
Ostrava, September 2016

documentary photography, pub
Baska, September 2016

street photography, gypsy
Frydek-Mistek, September 2016

black and white photography
Ostrava - Vitkovice, September 2016

street photography
Ostrava - Privoz, September 2016

street photography, gypsy
Ostrava - Privoz, September 2016

black and white photography
Ostrava - Provoz, September 2016

documentary photography
Mikuluvka, September 2016



  1. Lovely shots. About armed police; here in my city in France we have the same thing set up. Like you said its becoming normal. For me, its not as strange to see armed police in cities as i lived many years in Israel and there its everyday life ( of course not comparing EU with Middle East) but the way things are going, EU has no choice but tighten up security. Have happy and safe holidays!

    1. I was watching a discussion with security expert on TV and he said exactly same thing what you said...he also mentioned Israel as an example. We are waking up to new reality as we considered our region as safe place for decades ....

      Have a happy holiday, Yuri!


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