Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Offline life and withdrawal symptoms

I realized I spend too much time with my phone checking social media activity. It is very addictive. I would check whats new immediately after I wake up in the morning. And I would check what's up before I go to bed...and countless times in between during the day. Instantly. Speaking about my phone I uninstalled Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr apps. I did that yesterday. I plan to keep it this way for a week or two. And see how this works. It will not be easy, but I think I will get used to it. And I am not abandoning these accounts. Will check them on desktop or laptop. But not instantly. I already feel disoriented after this step. Sign of heavy addiction...

Couple of months ago I abandoned Tumblr and 500px and I don't feel  any regrets. So this is it.

Yesterday, I went to public library. You know, classic paper books. I used to go there before my kids were born, but I stopped. So I registered in the library again. Paid 120 Czech crowns registration fee and become reader again. Well, I read somewhat, but I shared my wife's library card, which isn't ideal.

Life online and life offline.

In my offline life I will take a day-off tomorrow. I will drive my kids to school and kindergarten in the morning. Than I will grab my 42 prints (48 x 36 cm, matt paper, 300 gr.) and bring them to Ostrava to prepare exhibition. Meeting 8:30 AM with lady who is in charge of exhibitions in city library. I estimate I will need two hours to get it ready. To attach all photos to the panels.  Maybe less. Meanwhile I will meet a guy who wants to buy my Vanguard bag that I used as a garage for my Olympus. So, as of tomorrow, Olympus will be without it's shelter. Olympus is still looking for new home. Nobody wants him. Not for the price I ask for him. Than I will have some time to shoot in the streets. And than back home and pick up kids.


In Prerov city on a bus station just a couple of days before end of 2016.

bus station
Prerov, December 2016
I wanted to make a mood photos using camera movement. Actually, it is my first panning shot ever. I followed the movement of the woman.

Ostrava, December 2016

Since this photo was made in Ostrava (Czech) I found interesting to see names of Polish cities on the wall...Bytom and Sosnowiec. I think these are made by Polish football fans. Interestingly, this is under the bridge, which is next to the building where my exhibition "The Peripheries of Ostrava" will take place.

Ostrava, January 2017