Thursday, February 02, 2017

Ostrava people and stories

So, we are now having an exhibition in Poland (Wroclaw). It is a small joint exhibition. Three authors. Fifteen photographs in total. It started last week. Photos displayed there are urban landscapes and urban details. All were made in Katowice and surrounding area.

I am already working on preparation of my first solo exhibition, which will be shown in the city of Ostrava. It was supposed to start in September, but organizers (city library) told me they have a spot for me from March. Just a little change, but I don't mind. So, there is one month to get ready.

These days I am making a selection of 40 photographs, that will be displayed. Thinking about a title of the exhibition. I asked my Flickr friend to write an introduction for the exhibition. Also contemplating on print dimensions etc. All photographs will be monochrome and it will be a documentary from Ostrava city.

girls, Vitkovice
Ostrava - Vitkovice, October 2016