Shutter sound...too noisy

Sound of shutter on my Oly drives me crazy. It is too laud. Sound as  you slammed the door in the car. And it bothers me since I use it among people on close distance. So I am looking for a camera that is more discrete and more convenient for my needs.

She told me that there are bedbugs in the corner behind her. And that if they bite you, there will be bruise with blood that hurts....

Ostrava, November 2016

He was looking suspiciously a little bit...

Frydek-Mistek, November 2016


  1. Anonymous3:43 PM

    I know what you mean about "loud shutters", Pavel. Since retiring, I have sold all my Nikon gear and picked up some Fuji X-System gear, specifically the X100S. This camera is perfect as it has a silent mode that has no sound whatsoever. For me, it is perfect for shooting in close and crowded situations as even I do not hear the shutter.

    1. Thanks for advice!

      Yep, you are not first who recommends Fuji cameras to me. I know they are silent and I like their look, but I wish these cameras were cheaper.

      Therefore I seriously consider getting Ricoh GR II. According to opinions I found out on the Internet, they are very quiet, too.

      I wonder, you appear as Anonymous here, may I ask you to leave your name?


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