Friday, March 03, 2017

Goodbye 14 mm/2,5

It was weird. I started selling my Olympus equipment. But selling my Panasonic Lumix 14mm/2,5 mm lens turned to be emotional experience. I liked that lens a lot. You know, it turned my OMD to sporting car. I used it every day in last year and something. Yesterday I had a meeting with buyer in a shopping mall. In the basement near escalator. At 4 PM. Anxiety raises. I entered the  mall with tension in my heart. I didn't want to give my lens away. But we made a deal online and I had to deliver the product. So I entered the mall and there was piano playing in the public space. It was a beautiful melody. It was a goodbye song to  14mm/2,5. Heartbreaking. I was there at 4 PM but the guy wasn't. I hoped he won't show up. But he did. I told him it is difficult to say good bye to this lens. He looked at me as I was alien.  Transaction was quick. We shook our hands and he took off.

Still shaken up I took my Olympus with kit lens on it (14-42 mm II) and made some photos on the street for a while. It felt awkward. Like sitting in huge family car, but trying to use it as a sporting car. No good. So I went home. Later at 10 PM  I ordered a new camera. I am not saying which one. It is very secret and personal. Expectations....


What I saw on my walk through the Prerov city. A blind man.

Prerov, December 2016

In 90's they sold hamburgers and french fries on every corner. Now they sell Kebab everywhere.

Czech Republic
Prerov, December 2016