Goodbye 14 mm/2,5

It was weird. I started selling my Olympus equipment. But selling my Panasonic Lumix 14mm/2,5 mm lens turned to be emotional experience. I liked that lens a lot. You know, it turned my OMD to sporting car. I used it every day in last year and something. Yesterday I had a meeting with buyer in a shopping mall. In the basement near escalator. At 4 PM. Anxiety raises. I entered the  mall with tension in my heart. I didn't want to give my lens away. But we made a deal online and I had to deliver the product. So I entered the mall and there was piano playing in the public space. It was a beautiful melody. It was a goodbye song to  14mm/2,5. Heartbreaking. I was there at 4 PM but the guy wasn't. I hoped he won't show up. But he did. I told him it is difficult to say good bye to this lens. He looked at me as I was alien.  Transaction was quick. We shook our hands and he took off.

Still shaken up I took my Olympus with kit lens on it (14-42 mm II) and made some photos on the street for a while. It felt awkward. Like sitting in huge family car, but trying to use it as a sporting car. No good. So I went home. Later at 10 PM  I ordered a new camera. I am not saying which one. It is very secret and personal. Expectations....


What I saw on my walk through the Prerov city. A blind man.

Prerov, December 2016

In 90's they sold hamburgers and french fries on every corner. Now they sell Kebab everywhere.

Czech Republic
Prerov, December 2016


  1. Praha We had the Hot Sausage Stalls. Taken Down Because of the Homeless. Raiding Litter Bins. They Said. Plus to Please the Tourists. Miss the Old Times. Cannot Say I am a Kebab Man.

    1. But on Vaclavske mamesti they still sell classic sausages. Ever tried them? Not sure if I ever tried Kebab on the street, maybe once 20 years ago in Germany. But it was exotic food back than.

  2. Ano Still Sell Them. Cut Down on the Huts Though. Lost Some of the Atmosphere. Still Can Remember the Good Times.


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